How can you detect a fake app?

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Many users think that everything they find in Play Store is a real and secure application, but we must be aware of the existence of fake apps in the Google apps store. It isn’t uncommon to see news like that 1 million users have downloaded a fake version of WhatsApp, with the risks that this […]

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What payment gateways can you use in your ecommerce?

No Tags | Programming

If you’re preparing your new ecommerce, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to face is the choice of the payment gateway you are going to use so that your customers could easily realize their purchase. Also, if you already have an online store running, you need to know the characteristics of each payment […]

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Webs where to download free stock photos to use on your projects

· | Photography

Image is, without a doubt, an essential part both of blogs and of web sites. To bring to success this kind of projects takes a lot of work and also some investment. Until recently, free access to image banks or stock photos was very limited. Fortunately, parallel to the boom in the use of open […]

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